Saturday, September 02, 2006

Chicken Wire, Stucco Wire-
What's the Diff?

It's been a very busy week getting the walls ready to plaster. Like most jobs, it always turns out to be more than you thought. But with every little bit we do it only looks better and better. We have a bit more lath to do (and then I will find more I want to do to tweak it). When we have all the wire up it's time for another inspection and then we can get the plaster on. I found a website called Bad Stucco (Iwas looking for information on diamond lath and ways to apply it). Wow, what a scary site that is! It's a wonder any cement stucco houses last. But, it also brings to light that there's a lot of art and science to building and that to get quality, you have to search out people who do quality work and know what they're doing. Anybody can slap stucco on but not all of them know how to keep the water from getting behind that stucco and ruining your house. You have to look at a house as a system and all the systems have to work together.

The doves hatched and this is the only one left in the nest.

And the boys and I are flying the coop for about a week, back to Ohio to visit family. Rick will be holding down the ...nest.