Monday, May 14, 2007

More kitchen photos...

Here's the beauty of the pantry by Rev-a-Shelf. It holds a lot of stuff and moves in and out easily. Right now it has some items which will go into the yet to be built baking island. In the Rita Ranch house we had a pantry closet that was always full but we were never quite sure with what. It had those deep shelves that allow items to hide. It also had a really high shelf and the floor-where things went to die. This is much more convenient and you can see everything.

This, of course, is the spice rack.
We opted for the drawer and door hardware with Blumotion-that means they close silently when you give them a firm push. I thought it was a bit over the top but the spice cabinet doesn't have that feature and we miss it. Spoiled already.
The dish rack. People find this fascinating, I guess because all of our dishes fit on this rack.
Our LG fridge, which is a big improvement over a side-by-side. Again, things don't get lost on the lower shelves.

And the stained concrete floor in the kitchen. I used the same combination of colors on all the floor just varied the proportion. The kitchen has a bit more green.

So, that's the kitchen.