Monday, June 12, 2006

I thought the blogger issues were resolved but I guess not-created a post with several pictures which would not publish nor save so is lost. Will try again later.
Finally, more pictures....

Apparently Blogger was having serious issues.

Right-that's the shower between the 2 "throne" rooms! The whole room will be "wet". I plan to use a product called Milestone and create some mosaics on the walls. Part of the floor will be a pebble mosaic.

Below-The hallway. At the end will be a small "office" with a window to provide cross ventilation.

Center-the lav will go in the alcove under the window and we will suspend a mirror in front of the window.

Bottom Right-The Master BR. All windows are operable, again for cross ventilation. The space under the large window (which is North) will have a window seat with built in storage under.

Today the front porch is being built-that should change the look of the north side and provide a space for a favorite Tucson summer activity-thunderstorm watching.

Still awaiting clay, windows and doors...

Barn's burnt down
Now I can see the moon~Masahide