Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Happy Birthday to my Mom. Today is her 80th!
We passed the second inspection and things are moving along with the slab. We hope to have the rebar completed by Friday, have that inspected and be able to pour next week. We have a tentative date of April 8 for the Wallraising. This is getting exciting! It's so much fun (but a lot of hard work) to see the walls go up and then it suddenly looks like a house. Soon after follows the roof-then it's all the really hard inside work. I think that's what fools most people about strawbale building, it looks like a house long before it really is. It's has been a misconception that your pour a slab, you have a wall-raising, slap on a roof and Voila!-you have a house. Wrong. Follow along with us and you will see.

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