Monday, June 12, 2006

Finally, more pictures....

Apparently Blogger was having serious issues.

Right-that's the shower between the 2 "throne" rooms! The whole room will be "wet". I plan to use a product called Milestone and create some mosaics on the walls. Part of the floor will be a pebble mosaic.

Below-The hallway. At the end will be a small "office" with a window to provide cross ventilation.

Center-the lav will go in the alcove under the window and we will suspend a mirror in front of the window.

Bottom Right-The Master BR. All windows are operable, again for cross ventilation. The space under the large window (which is North) will have a window seat with built in storage under.

Today the front porch is being built-that should change the look of the north side and provide a space for a favorite Tucson summer activity-thunderstorm watching.

Still awaiting clay, windows and doors...

Barn's burnt down
Now I can see the moon~Masahide

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Kara said...

Judy, I'm really enjoying reading your blog. After you posted a comment on mine, I googled "strawboss" to find you. It feels like a desert version of my life in a way. Enjoy the smatterings of humour and and a hint of healthy philosophical meanderings.

Really like your floor plan too. It's similar to what our original concept was, though we had to change for affordability with the added cost of the timber frame.

Looking forward to future postings.