Friday, August 25, 2006

Construction Halts for Birth

We've been busily filling in the bales with cob and
light-clay but had to take a break for the dove who has nested at the top of the wall.

As you can see by the photo, there is quite a bit of room between the top of the bales and the roof plate on this end (west). This is all to be filled with light-clay.

The rest of the pictures show the filling we've done. I probably didn't need to do that much in some places but I get carried away and it will just make it easier to plaster.

Same corner after light clay.............................................and before light clay.

The dove nest is to the left of the small window on top of the bales.

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Kara said...

Greetings from your Canadian counterpart, Judy (we kind of are like true counterparts, since we're almost at the same stage of building our homes, but in different countries/climates)

I'm so envious that you're heading down to hang with the Steens this month. I've been following their work for a while now and would love to have a chance to learn from them first hand. Some day!

It's exciting to see the cobbing underway...