Tuesday, August 08, 2006

You can now receive an RSS feed of this blog. I know I was spending a fair amount of time checking for updates on blogs I like to follow. So, just click the orange icon and you can subscribe!

I've also added a link to another Strawbale Owner Builder, this one in Canada, Stonehouse Straw House. This will allow you to see a project in 2 very different climes. The Stonehouses are having a wall-raising soon, so if you are in that area you might want to check it out. The site pictures are beautiful!


Dave P said...

I've been getting an RSS feed for this site for a couple months now...

Brando_T. on the simple living boards.

StrawBoss said...

Hi Dave, Thanks for checking in-one of the best things about the blog is seeing where everyone is from.
Maybe I should have said I added a button to make the feed easier to obtain.
Love your picture! Judy