Wednesday, March 07, 2007

It's all in the details...

The south windows trimmed with leftover bamboo flooring.

Transom above hall bath door.
Door into shower.
Color in hall bath.

Light fixture, hall bath.

Window reveal in MBR-reed mat with lime plaster washed back then frescoed with ochre pigment.


Cat said...


StrawBoss said...

Thank you, Cat! As most of the house is neutral and soothing I wanted a punch of color in certain places. One wall and the ceiling in this bath will be a teal/aqua. That goes on today. Judy

Tumbleweed said...

Wow things are looking great on your place; you must be very happy and proud of all the work completed! I'm 1 weekend end away from getting my C of O; the last big step.

StrawBoss said...

Congratulations Tumbleweed, that is a n accomplishment.