Sunday, May 20, 2007

Midnight at the Oasis

The hall bath. This is where we started, a decidedly minimalist look. Pretty bleak.

Then we progressed to this. This is the plywood stained rosewood-nope, that's not it.

And now we are here. Not sure of the style, funky, eclectic, flea market-whatever, I like it. I painted the wood with a Chocolate Raisin (or something, who comes up with these names anyway?) and then dry brushed black over it. The back splash is hardiboard painted and stenciled. The bottom shelf has baskets to hold whatever supplies need to be there.

The color of the border and ceiling-awaiting me to get up on a ladder and stencil. The difficulty in this room is it has a very tall ceiling and is very narrow with a toilet at one end and the vanity at the other making placing a ladder near impossible. But, I will do it someday when I'm feeling really rested and adventurous. And I'd better love the outcome because it may never get painted again.

So, that's Bathroom Number 1. Next installment: The Shower.

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