Sunday, June 10, 2007

Desert Person

I was doing some computer housecleaning today and found a poem I'd forgotten. It's by an author who just happens to live in southern Arizona, Byrd Baylor. My favorite work of hers is Yes Is Better Than No- a wonderful story for those working with people from a different culture.

Desert Person
by Byrd Baylor

Like any desert creature,
I build my own

safe shelter
with what the desert

I make thick walls
of mud and
With my own hands

I shape the earth
into a house.

But when I say,
"This is my home,"
another desert person
always knows
that I don't mean
the house.

I mean
the farthest mountain
I can see.

I mean

that fill the whole sky
and the colors
of the cliffs
and all their silences
and shadows.

I mean
the desert

is my home.

And now, my home.

This is the view from the bedroom into the bathroom and on into the shower. I love this view, it feels so calm and peaceful.

Then there's the other side of the room...

which actually looks better now that the tile is grouted and the sink works. Now to finish the backsplash.

We're still working on details. Got handles on the kitchen cabinets and drawers and shelves in my office. I'm getting organized!

This week we get an estimate on the wall for the back lot and we'll get started on the front patio.

Until next time.

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