Wednesday, July 30, 2008

VayCay Part II

Los Angeles, city of many preconceptions, most of them incorrect. The younger son wanted to see DOWNTOWN LA. I did my best to smile through clinched teeth and muttered "OK, Honey-sounds ummm... interesting." Now, I'm a girl from the sticks having grown up in a rural area with the closest town having a population of 20,000. I have visited big cities but never downtown in a big city so didn't know quite what to expect. I was amazed! The number of people, the tall, beautiful buildings (although many were aging and decrepit), the range of time periods from art deco to Gehry's Disney Music Hall. I was captivated. I wish we had planned more time for this foray. Another time, maybe.

My favorite structure-The Central Library. What a jewel built when even public buildings were meant to mean something and bring art to people. When you walked through those doors you knew you were entering something special.

So what have I learned? Take a chance, do something you might not choose. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Photo by Dave Parker Wikimedia Commons

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