Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Gentlemen we have LIFTOFF!

The plans are approved!! That is such a good feeling, even though you know there are months of blood, sweat and tears ahead, it's better than waiting. Today starts the final scheduling, calling all the subs and giving them definite dates (as definite as can be in building).

In other news...A brand spankin new Lowe's just opened about 10 miles from our house. There are others in Tucson but all take about a half day to get there and back. We went and cruised the aisles yesterday afternoon. Of course, it looks like every other Lowe's in the world but it's still neat and tidy and the aisle aren't crammed with junk. We're hoping they give HD a run for the money. At least some actual floor staff approached us yesterday and asked if we needed help. That never happens at HD.

Until next time, keep your straw dry!

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