Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The garage floor is poured!

Things are moving now. The garage looks like it takes an enormous amount of space-but it's all relative to the size of the lot. It's a normal 2 (1.5 usually!) car size. It will also house our W/D and freezer.

Here are some more photos of The Big Pour. Framing next week and then Victor will come back to stucco it.


Rich and Laura said...

Ask and you shall suggestions posted. We need to do dinner before we leave Tucson on March 31. Get that house done!

-Laura & Rich

Olga said...

Whaa? What about your windows? & the door? Is the perspective on these photos screwy?
You'll lose all your southern light!?

StrawBoss said...

The perspective is a little off but you're right, we will lose some of our southern exposure. However this is Tucson-summer heat is more of a problem. We will get southern sun through the large patio doors (one reason there are so many windows there).

The garage will also provide some privacy from those to the east of us. It's not ideal but that was the best choice we had.

StrawBoss said...

Thanks Rich & Laura-great suggestions.

We're shooting for January on the house!