Saturday, March 10, 2007

Feeling a little Sisyphean

Everytime we leave the house at night we have six more things to finish. EVERY NIGHT! That means these details are replicating.

I know that we will never be "Finished" (with a capital F) but it would be nice to be finished.

Progress was made on the landscape front (and back). We met with Scott Calhoun from Zona Gardens (and also a neighbor) who will be doing the design. We read his book, A Yard Full of Sun and attended a reading he did awhile back, so were pretty sure of our choice. Meeting him only made us more sure of our decision. Our first priority will be to get a wall on the south side and then we will work on the other elements over time.

Back to pushing that rock...


Anonymous said...

Huh! I just had Greg Corman (mentioned on Scott's website as a co-designer of no-irrigation gardens) over today to consult on my yard!
He, too, was well worth it. Greg has a company called Gardening Insights ( I'm quite excited about replacing some of the poor non-native choices in my yard with some hardy stuff that will survive me and my black thumb!

StrawBoss said...

Visited Greg's website-very interesting. Of course I went to the Rants page first-You know me, love a good rant! He also has recipes, even one for what to do with Meyer lemons.

Jenn said...

Where is that round sculpture? I have pics of the one in D.C. and am wondering if this is the same one?