Sunday, March 18, 2007

We're still at it

but so busy I haven't taken time to post.
  • Cabinets-50% finished.
  • Floor-sealed but don't like the sealer-really strong odor and left unsealed spots.
  • Shower floor-done and beautiful.
  • Office-painted.
  • Sam's window-finished and trimmed.
  • Our bath-cabinet built, stained and countertop surface done.
  • Our BR window seat-built and stained.
  • Wood stove-in the house, not fully installed but it's in the 90s now, installation not a priority.
  • Exterior-cracks repaired and paint color chosen (for cement stucco skirt and garage).
I'll post pictures tonight. As I have no new pictures-here's a link to The Small House Society
Enjoy their pictures.

And, Site Meter is Back!! Now I can learn more geography-I'm off now to look up Wollongong, NSW...

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